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We heart press. Most of the writers and editors Blue Blood publishes are journalists themselves, so we enjoy taking good care of the press and are sympathetic to your needs. Please use the contact form below for requests for interviews and review copies. When you get in touch, please include a bit of info about your outlet such as whether it is for television, magazine, newspaper, radio, or online coverage. For online news sources, it is helpful if you include stats such as how many Twitter followers you have or your USA or United Kingdom Alexa ranking. Thanks so much for your interest in covering our books!

Below are some press clippings from the first edition of Backstage Passes:

Backstage Passes Press Clips

Dirty Magazine 2/97 Dirty Magazine (February 1997)
Backstage Passes
Edited by Amelia G
(6.95 Rhinoceros)
Culled from the pages of Blue Blood, the Gothic sub-culture-oriented sex and music magazine, this collection of short stories explores the connection between lust and rock and roll, and does it rather well. The anthology includes many authors famous in horror and sci-fi circles (John Shirley, Poppy Z. Brite), as well as many lesser-known talents, but the bottom line is that it's a top-notch erotica omnibus. It might not appeal to the more prurient bastards out there, but it's definitely the ticket for those of you who've always had a thing for delectable Goth girls. Or boys. Whatever turns you on.

Industrial Nation #15 Backstage Passes: edited by Amelia G Industrial Nation (#15)
Backstage Passes
Backstage Passes in a compilation of dynamic authors who write excellent fiction. I was charged by this book from first sentence to last. Here are 18 works of spell binding literature from authors of various popularity. At times while reading I had to stop and take a minute just to digest this compelling collection. The stories are each a dark fantasy exploring that which is eerie, and/or erotic. The reader is transported through realms of writers imagination and desire. Some stories address that which is gothic, but never in a heavy handed matter, preserving the exotic and conjuring the mystic. Sexuality is addressed in as many different directions as not to disappoint the more demanding of readers. Blood play and bisexuality are subjects as is domination, ghosts, and social standing. I got from this book what I needed, and recommend it to anyone who reads this magazine. Backstage Passes was brought together by Amelia G of Blue Blood and some of the stories have graced its pages. Thank you Amelia for this fine collection! (Write c/o Blue Blood, 2625 Piedmont Road, Suite 56332, Atlanta GA 30324)[DanO]

Redemption #19 Redemption (#19)
Backstage Passes; Edited by Amelia G; Published By Masquerade Books.
Format: 4-1/4" X 6-3/4" Pages: 268
Price: $6.95 {USD/cheque, postal order, / Payable to Masquerade Books}
Address: 801 Second Avenue; New York, NY; 10017; UNITED STATES.
Amelia G is the intensely erotic editor of Blue Blood Magazine, a Gothic/SM/Vamp 'zine. In Backstage Passes, she produces an anthology of Rock-and-Roll Erotica that is sure to stimulate the mind, heart and other places. There is nothing like this out there -- Amelia G does stand apart from the crowd and she does it so well! If you like your Rock and Roll the way it was meant to be, this is a reading must. It is an erotic multisexual romp through modern music subculture, from vampire kids to heavy metal guitarists, from backstage trysts to making love in the mud at an outdoor festival. Nothing is comparable to this compendium. Writers in this anthology include: Cecelia Tan, Poppy Z. Brite, Thomas S. Roche, Amelia G. and many more!

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Backstage Passes An Anthology of Rock and Roll Erotica from the Pages of Blue Blood Backstage Passes An Anthology of Rock and Roll Erotica from the Pages of Blue Blood backstage passes press release 01
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Backstage Passes
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